News & events 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010
to everybody!

Let's hope we'll have a white Christmas...


We got the results for the rabies antibody test:
an acceptable rabies antibody level


At the end of the months I took Katie to the vet.
It was time for her first official clinical eye examination
and also to have her hips x-rayed.
She already is PRA-prcd Normal by parentage and
also the clinical examination found no traces of any other eye diseases.
We still need to wait for the official HD result from the Finnish Kennel Club.
The vet also draw some blood for the rabies antibody test.

Also Will was examined and he was found to be in a very good condition.


Enjoying the (last?) warm(ish) September days...

Will enjoying the sun

Will preferred to lie down for the rest of the photo shoot

Katie caught still for a moment

Old (11 yrs) vs. young (1 yr) -
both Will's parents can be found in Katie's pedigree:
Will's father "Pepsi" (Sirkiss Red Velvet) is her great-great-grandfather and
Will's mother "Iina" (Sheerclever Wicked Game) is her great-great-grandmother.
By the way, Will was sitting patiently for the photo
while I was trying to get Katie to sit for a few moments - what a task!


The new website published:

Also the website for Sirkiss Scotties has changed:


At the end of the month Katie had her first birthday.

She had the "birthday cake" a few days earlier when
we had a champion party for Elena's Nappi (pug) and Hippi (IWS).

Pirjo, Katie, Hippi, Elena & Nappi


At Easter it was time for Katie's second show. This time she was
best bitch puppy but the judge did not want to give her the honour prize.


I made a very short visit to Crufts this year just for the cocker day.
I saw numerous friends and some nice dogs -
and I think the two Finnish judges did a marvellous job.

Katie attended her first show at the end of March -
she was second best bitch puppy with honour prize.


Hope to attend some shows with my new girl...

Also looking forward to going to Crufts -
after all, it's not every year that two well respected
Finnish ladies are judging cockers at Crufts
- wouldn't want to miss seeing that.

Happy New Year 2009!

a photo of Will in the summer of 1999

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