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Saw this one morning in the local newspaper...

Mutt's Book Club

Willy Shakespeare "As You Like It" "Dry and without ice!"

It made my day ;-)


I was asked to judge a Match Show in Mikkeli on May 1st.
It was cold and windy but more than 50 dogs were entered.

BIS1 (left) & BIS2 (right)

I was very happy with my four finalists

BIS2 - well showing Great Dane
BIS1 - an absolutely delightful serra de aires puppy
BIS3 - a very self-conscious welsh corgi
BIS4 - 12-year-old wonderfully moving beagle

BIS1 on the move


Just received the results from Optigen...

Both Will and his late dam Iina have been tested
Normal/Clear for FN


A new year has started.
Finally just at the end of January we got snow!
And Will is enjoying himself at the backyard...

Spot the dog!

The fence at the back is 65 cm high - lots of snow!

Will trying to find something, I guess

All this snow came in two days

Looking for birds, of course ;-)


a photo of Will in the summer of 1999

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