News & events 2004


At the end of the year we all are well but hoping for a better new year 2005.

Thank you Sirpa for the lovely Christmassy touch
on the normal front page photo.


I have been asked to be a judge at a charity Match Show in Lappeenranta.

Back to work after a relaxing holiday...


It felt good to go back to Belgium and see lots of old friends
and talk about our favourite topic - cockers!

I'm enjoying my summer holidays for the whole month ;-)


I'm looking forward to my trip to Belgium and Holland
at the end of August, mostly staying with
my dear friend Lea, but also seeing some other friends.
I need to finish off some official business
still remaining from my days in Belgium.
Hopefully I can also attend the Mechelen dog show
which holds some fond memories for me.


The summer is finally here!
Well, they promised the best weather for August -
guess who's having her well-earned holiday then ;-)


I spent a most enjoyable weekend
at the Kotka international dog show -
the first time acting as show instructor
for our kennel district.

Iina is again fit as a fiddle after her operation.
It is so good to see your oldies enjoying the life for the full!


Iina's minor paw operation -
her very first operation at the respectable age of 10½ years -
went very well. The only problem now with Iina is
that she will have to keep her paw bandaged for the next two weeks -
a huge effort on her side but at least she is walking properly again.

Congratulations to the Scottie boy, Sirkiss Sterling,
for his Finnish Champion title!

I have been nominated as the Show Instructor for our local Kennel district.
The job is governed by the Finnish Kennel Club.


In memory of Napsu


A very sad month for me as my father died
after a short and severe illness.
It is good to know that at a time like this
one has friends one can count on. Thank you!


Enjoyed my trip to Crufts as always.
It was lovely to see many friends around the cocker ring.
Special thanks to Mary for Cairn O'Mohr and Rudy for Belgian truffels.
It was also lovely to see numerous Finnish dogs competing and
absolutely fantastic to watch two of them reach group placements.


The Imatra International dog show is over!
Thanks to all our judges and exhibitors for making the show such a success.


I took some wintery photos as the sun was shining for a change...

You may spot Will by the tree - or at least his tail ;-)

And this is Iina doing one of her favourite things - getting covered in snow!

Must be an interesting scent there...


Happy New Year 2004!

New Year's Eve 2004


a photo of Will in the summer of 1999

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