News & events 2000


The year ended in a sad note, because my old cocker girl
had to be put to sleep to prevent her from further suffering
in the grips of a long and terminal illness.
She lived with my parents and was their pride and joy.
Jenni will be greatly missed.

Jenni (Sheerclever Cherish My Joy)
9.5.1991 - 28.12.2000

I've posted some photos of our trip to the London Cocker show
in the Show results page. You can also get to the page by clicking here.

Walking Shadow's As You Like It is the first Finnish cocker spaniel
to travel to England under the Pet Passport Scheme
and take part in a Championship show.
Will was entered in the London Cocker Spaniel Society
Breed Championship show on 2.12.2000.
He was second in the Any solid colour Special Open dog class
(the winner of this class got the reserve CC)
and fifth in the Any colour Open dog class.
Will's mother Iina started her veteran class career in the same show.
All in all the trip to England was a pleasurable experience
and will certainly be repeated. Photos will be posted soon!


At the end of the month we had visitors,
my mother and my good friend Sirpa with her Scottish terrier.
The scottie suffered injustice in the show but won over many hearts
and I'm sure this visit will bring some good things to him in the future.
Thanks a lot, Sirpa, for trimming Will and Iina for their next big show.

The scottie Quaint Goodwill with his new toy.

We are eagerly waiting for a friend and her dog for a visit.
We'll go together to the Amsterdam Winner show
at the end of November.
And December will see us in front of a new challenge
but more of that later...

November is full of celebrations. On 9.11. Oliver had his 3rd birthday,
on 10.11. Iina reached the respectable age of 7 years,
and, last but not least, Will had his second birthday on 13.11.

The first weekend of November saw us again in a dog show
in Metz, France. Will was placed second
in the open class with the qualification excellent, and
he received the reserve-CAC. The judge was
a well-known cocker specialist Mrs Jackie Rowland (Perrytree).


October went by quickly while I was working hard.
We took part in the Millenium Bundessieger in Dortmund,
Germany, without much success.


Will got his second German CAC in a
cocker speciality show in Herne on 17.9.2000.
The judge was Laurent Pichard (CH).

More good news!
Will's hip x-ray result has been confirmed and
he is HD free, the official FCI result is A.
He also holds a clear eye certificate.

The summer holidays are over and we're back
in business. What a holiday we had!
Walking Shadow's As You Like It (aka Will) attended five
shows in Finland and was placed in the best male lineup each time.
In the first show he got his second Finnish CAC,
in the third show he was for the first time Best of Breed,
crowned with the Best in Group 2 placement,
and the last one again saw him as Best of Breed.

The show results together with photos
have been added on the Show results page.


Will got his first BOB in an all breed show
in Joensuu, Finland, on 13.8.2000!
An additional 21 month birthday present for him was
the group placement, he ended as Reserve Best in the Group 8.

I was happy to see that Will has also the skills of a working cocker,
even though he didn't pass his field trial at first go.
After five days of practice he fetched the dummy and went to swim
but unfortunately didn't do these two things at the same time.
The general fetching and trailing sections were excellent
but the five water lily leaves that he brought to the judge
were not enough... Well, next summer we'll try again.

Lulu came to say 'Bye' to the dogs...

...everything was packed, including the dogs,
but I couldn't get on the road because
Lulu insisted on feeding Iina & Will.


Within a few hours after arriving in Finland for his summer
holidays, Will got his second Finnish CAC
at a spaniel specialty show in Turku on 22.7.2000.
He was the best male and best of opposite sex
- which was good since we had hurry to a cousin's wedding
and would not have been able to stay for the group finals.
Next day in an international show he was again placed,
this time as fourth best male.

On his second outing in the open class Will got his first German CAC
on a Cocker Club Deutschland specialty show on 9.7.2000.
He also got the Club-CAC, which is given to the best dog
out of the open, working and champion class winners.

Congratulations to my friend Elena for getting the job of her dreams!
A new challenge and no more weekends spent working in the shop,
from now on they will be spent in dog shows and in other activities.
By the way, Will is ready and waiting ... as are the candies!


Since Will is very keen on ball games,
his contribution to the Euro 2000 was to send
official championship t-shirts to a couple of his friends in Finland,
with the expectation of some "survival" games in return
when we get to Finland for our summer holidays.
A few more weeks to go...

To update the pages, I've made a photo album for Will and
added some photos in Oliver's page,
both pages are accessible from the Dogs page.
For a special page with the whole family, click here.

Sirkiss Trademark (Oliver) has become a father
for the first time. The mother of a litter of 5 blacks and 5 reds
is a red bitch called Stardust du Domaine d'Haïsha.

Mid-June saw Will for the first time in the open class
in a specialty show in Germany. Breed specialist John Gillespie (GB)
placed him third in his class with the qualification excellent.
This was very well, him being by far the youngest of the six dogs in the class.

Will congratulates his keen admirers Rudy & Nelly and their Ynysmeudwy
on his BIS win in the Dutch Spaniel Club Show. Congratulations also
to Lea Bogers and Tripol's Marsja for the res-BIS in the same show.


In the first weekend in May Will finished his appearances
in the junior class in two shows. In Dortmund, Germany,
he came second in his class and the following day in Douai, France,
the breed judge Frank Kane selected him as the best cocker junior.
I've added the report by Frank Kane along with some others
in the reports section in the Show results page.

Will had a few of nice results on the shows during April.
He won the junior class in Aalst and Antwerp (B) and in Leeuwarden (NL).
The Antwerp show gave him the title Brabo Junior Winner.


I finally had time to get an Internet connection to my home computer.
I've also been busy updating new data on the pedigree program I use,
I now have over 7000 cockers in there.


The end of March brought mail from the UK Kennel Club:
I received the ATC numbers for both Iina and Will,
which means that they can now be entered in shows in the UK.
We seem to have been among the first twenty applicants, since
Will's number is ATCAA00018FIN and Iina's ATCAA00019FIN.

After a long break, Will returned to the show rings
in Luxembourg at the end of the month,
and he was second in the junior class with the qualification excellent.

With tears in my eyes I've updated the web page of a dear friend.
She lost her loved red dog Sirkiss Red Velvet, the father of my Will.
I can see Pepsi in Will in so many ways,
Will's whole attitude to life comes mostly from his father.
Pepsi will be greatly missed by me, Will and Iina.


So far I've been busy in installing all the necessary programs on
the new computer I gave myself as a Christmas present,
and learning to use the scanner properly.
I still haven't got the Internet connection from home,
but that will be next on my task list.
Show-wise it has been quiet, no interesting shows or judges
in the neighbourhood. Besides, Will still looks so young
that he can stay home still for a while.
He wants to congratulate Quaint Goodwill
for his recently acquired Finnish Champion title,
Väinö being his one-time kennelmate in Kennel Sirkiss.


At the end of January Will and I made a brief visit to Finland,
Will to see his friends and I to become a godmother to my cousin's small girl.

Lulu and myself

After the official part was over, the fun started.

The new millenium started very quietly in our household.
Iina had returned from Finland by Christmas.
The much awaited millenium change went peacefully,
with Will surprising me in a very positive way, again.
I had been a bit wary on how he would react to the fireworks,
but he wanted to watch them from the window and
was wagging his tail every time a piece of fireworks went off.


a photo of Will in the summer of 1999

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