News & events 2006


Will and I have just said goodby to our dear Iina

10.11.1993 - 26.10.2006

She is gone.
I loved her so.
The rest of the world will never know
How much she meant to me.

Her sleep.
Her long sleep
Was brought to her; but who should weep?
It was best for her, not for me.

Will saying goodbye to Iina


Just received the news from Optigen...

Both Iina & Will have been tested
Normal/Clear for PRA prcd


Things have been very quiet at our house.

Iina has some good and some bad days
and we'll just go forward one day at a time.


Happy New Year 2006!

Iina has - at least for the moment -
returned to her merry tail-wagging self...


a photo of Will in the summer of 1999

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