A lot of patience was needed for this photo,
he normally does not stay still for a long time...

This photo was taken after Will had got his third Finnish CAC (July 2001).
Photo by Sirpa Huusari

This photo was taken after Will had made his first appearance
in the UK show rings - at London Cocker Ch show in Dec 2000.
Photo by Nelly Feyaerts

Aged 20 months, he starts to look a lot like his father...

Just returned from his first ever show - and what a result!
BIS puppy in a Cocker Club Deutschland specialty,
the judge was Laurent Pichard.

He always has a twinkle in his eye
... and his nose on the ground.


Baby photos

Not many days old.

Aged four weeks.

The big boy and the little boy.

And they were the best of pals.