Show reports

Hey Katie du Domaine d'Haisha

Elena Ruskovaara:
"Very feminine and pleasing exhibit. Beautiful proportions.
Good bones. Body well ribbed up.
Good puppy head, the muzzle could fill up a bit.
Nice forechest. Suitable hind angulations for this age.
Nice puppy movement on the side.
Could use her tail better in the movement."
Katie was in her first ever show!

Walking Shadow's As You Like It

Keith Costello (Judika) in the
Dutch Spaniel Club Championship Show
"An ultra short black boy. Very happy.
Nice head, neck and shoulders, good legs and feet.
Very good coat condition. A very promising puppy."
Will was BIS puppy.

Sheila Sadler (Rosaday):
"Very short black boy. Sweet expression
which shows an excellent temperament.
A very very very very promising puppy."

Frank Kane (Hightower):
"Excellent type without any exaggerations.
Excellent back angulation. Very good shoulders.
Good bones. Very lovely head.
Excellent movements, covering the ground well.
Excellent temperament."

A. Wood (Bannachra):
"Good head and shoulders, nice dark eye,
excellent front and hind quarters, good bone,
deep brisket, short back, well muscled,
good tail carriage, moved well fore and after."

Jackie Rowland (Perrytree):
"Handsome, masculine head. Nice tight dark eyes.
Good neck and shoulders. Good bones and substance.
Big ribs. Good topline. Good angulation.
He moves happily."

Kay Baldwin (Vailotest),
London Cocker Spaniel Society Championship show
(as stated in Dog World, Dec. 22, 2000):

"Nicely balanced black. Good body and bone. Happy mover."

Sandy Platt (Charbonnel),
South Wales & Mon Cocker Spaniel Club Championship show
(as stated in Dog World, April 12, 2002):

"Peltonen's Walking Shadow's As You Like It,
congratulations to this sporting exhibitor from Belgium,
black, very pleasing to go over, good head with work & stop,
lovely dark eye, super reach of neck, fine shoulders,
good depth of rib, tight elbows, excellent angulation.
Does not have the easiest of coats but was trimmed well,
moved happily & soundly, ever wagging full tail."


Sheerclever Wicked Game

Ed Simpson (Coltrim):
"Beautiful head and expression, well laid back shoulders,
beautiful upperarm placement, nice big ribs,
nice short loin, short back, well muscled quarters,
an outstanding specimen of a sound merry cocker."

Peter van Soelen (Fingolfin):
"3 years old beautiful bitch, very beautiful type.
Excellent angulations and a beautiful body. Good coat.
Excellent ground covering movements. A real champion!"

Sally Shields (Wilholme):
"Pretty head and eye. Lovely neck and shoulders.
Good bone and ribs. Good hindquarters.
Short and cobby. Sound mover."

Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FIN:
"Very beautifully balanced bitch. Good proportions,
compact strong body. Beautiful head and expression.
Long neck. Excellent front and back.
Coat in excellent condition.
Moves beautifully and shows herself well."
The judge awarded Iina BOB and BIG1.

Richmond Weir (Weirdene):
"Most impressive exhibit! Lovely head and expression.
Good bone, legs and feet. Short coupled body.
Keeps her topline on action."


Sirkiss Trademark

Robin Sadler, UK:
"A puppy full of quality, good bones, good neck and shoulders,
good strong quarters for age, moved well,
a very promising future."


Sheerclever Wicked Thoughts

Anja Puumala (Leavenworth):
"Excellent type and size, very good neck and forechest,
quite well angulated front, good bones and deep body,
good ribs, well angulated knee, excellent coat,
happy mover, a very stylish bitch."

Cecilia Holmstedt, SWE:
"Beautiful head, beautiful neck and topline.
Sufficient front. Good feet.
Good bones and muscles. Well bodied. Very good coat.
This bitch shows and moves as if born to it!"


Sheerclever Cherish My Joy

Randi Hjorthoj, DK:
"Very happy black bitch. Feminine head. Good expression.
Very strong neck, well placed shoulders.
Good strong body, very well angulated.
Moves happily and with style."

Jack Clarke (Cornbow):
"Nice black bitch with a good head. Good neck and shoulders.
Nice legs and feet. Good turn of quarters.
Good coat. Moves very well."

Jackie Perry, Singapore:
"Pretty head, good dark eye. Nice neck.
Well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib.
Excellent hindquarters with well let down hocks.
Moved well."